Tricky Titans!

Rally your friends and grab a shovel for the

most-colossal smackdown in history

Tricky Titans is a turn-based local multiplayer game in which you and up to four of your friends are pit against one another until a victor is decided. Play as a Titan that has roused from its million-year slumber in time for the Primal Smackdown — the biggest sports event since time began.

Deceive your friends, defend your village, fling mountains at whoever you please, and smash your way to victory in this casual yet chaotic couch game..

Designed around the fun factor of local games, players input commands through their smartphone or tablet devices and watch the chaos unfold on the big screen with Chromecast

Each round, players must choose between attacking, defending, or powering up. Players must be wary of their competitors’ intentions and choose their own actions wisely — otherwise they’ll find themselves smashed to the bottom of the rankings.

Customize your Titan with different horns, beards and outfits.

Adjust the number of rounds
you wish to play

Choose the number of players and AI bots you wish to compete against.

Google Chromecast and an internet connection. One smartphone or tablet device per player

( capable of running Tricky Titans)